Projects 2012-2020

Interstellar is a foundation focused on health and made up exclusively of volunteers. We do not have salaries and we maintain a simple but robust foundational structure.

Our last project

Health professionals passionate about sports and its benefits voluntarily organize a virtual challenge specifically designed to boost the mental and physical health of its participants.

“Our objective is to Establish healthy routines such as physical activity and socialization.”

We are committed to prevent two of the main threats that challenge the health of our society: sedentary lifestyle and loneliness.

We love to support health projects.

We stimulate creativity and leadership attitudes of carers, patients and health professionals.

We promote teamwork, exchange of knowledge and the benefit of overcoming challenges.

We support those situations that re-connect with the most human part of your profession and that help to redefine the purposes of life.

If you have a project in mind, we will help you implement it.



2012-2015-2018 Optometrist projects 

2018- Hygiene and infection prevention Project

2015- Design your own clothes

2012- Family Planning Project



2016- Refugee project


2020- Face Mask

2019- Interestelar project

2018- Virus-Bacteria in The School


2020- Coercive control; The Invisible Abuse

2019- Mental Health project; a different approach

2018- Jugando a la vida (book)