Terms and conditions/Bases y condiciones.

Mínimum donation: £20 per person, £60 per team (With Voucher £40 per team)

Air pollution still being the single biggest environmental threat to health in the UK, shortening tens of thousands of lives each year.

There is substantial evidence for the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in the natural environment.

Those who spent two hours or more a week in or around open green spaces are significantly more in good health or high wellbeing.

This time, Interestelar Twalking Challenge will focus in fighting all detrimental effects of loneliness and sedentarism through Walking, socialising and reconnecting with nature.


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During the great pandemic, the Twalkers left London behind to reach the Hercules Cave in Tanger where they achieved their immortality.

Unfortunately, the planet lives today under great threat. Pollution levels have exceeded their peaks and oxygen in the air is too low. The forest is disappearing and the animals perish.

The Twalkers will begin their new adventure through a deserted planetary soil to the Sahara Gate in Tozeur (Tunez). Only there, hidden among a sea of salt, will they find the oasis of life, an indispensable requirement to survive this new era.



1– Virtually walking an average of 3.8 Km/day (2.5 miles/day), making a total of 1600 km. (1000 miles)

2- Talking a few minutes during each walk.

3- It should be outdoors.

4- Adding your BONUS NATURE.

Improve your own physical health and mental wellbeing just by re-connecting with nature.

These bonuses allow you to add extra km manually per person each week after performing certain specific activities.

BONUS NATURE/SOCIAL: 10 km per bonus. Maximum two bonus per week/per person. (20 km)

SPECIAL BONUS: 25 km per bonus. Maximum two bonus per month/per team. (50 km)


Where: From the Cave of Hercules in Tangier (Morocco) to The Sahara’s Gate in Tozeur (Tunisia).

Distance: 1600 Km (1000 miles) (bonus included) in 90 days.

When: Departure on 5th of June– arrival by the 5th of September.

Objective: for 90% of the teams to arrive to Sahara’s Gate before the 5th of September.

Price: £20/person. (£60 per team).


Teams of three people.

-At least one of the participants must have one of the following:

A- A cardiovascular risk factor (diabetes, hypertension, overweight, high cholesterol…).

B- Or a chronic physical or mental illness.(osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, a neuropathy, COPD, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia …)

C- Or must be over 60 years old.

D- or being a carer of anyone in groups B or C.

-Ideally, at least one member of the team should require special encouragement.

-One team member must be highly motivated (team leader).